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Magical birthday surprise!

We’ve just returned from our visit, which was a surprise birthday treat for our horse-mad 8 year old daughter!
We thought it would be something different and memorable…it was all we’d hoped for and much, much more!

Planning and booking with Polly was a breeze, and she gave us good insight into what to expect from our stay.
When we met with Polly, it was like meeting an old friend, so welcoming and friendly, you really do feel like part of the family!

We arrived at Polly’s to find the most magical setting for our first night, gorgeous gardens housed our ‘home’ for the next few days.
The beautiful caravan had everything we’d need, beds, cooker, seating, storage and all the ‘bits and bobs’ we’d need, and in the words of the daughter, was “so cute”!

After getting settled we had a little wander around the surrounding area, discovering the old Saxon church and meeting the inquisitive neighbours!

Our first night was spent in Polly’s garden, even the rain couldn’t dampen our enthusiasm!

On our first morning me met with Jenny and Holly who’d be our ‘grooms’ for the day. They were fabulous!
Very friendly and welcoming, great with the kids and super patient when teaching us the ropes!
Although I’d had some ‘horse experience’ in the past, I was a little apprehensive about taking charge of Ned. I need not have worried, he is the most well mannered and accommodating of horses!

We set off for our first morning of ‘clip-clopping’ as the kids called it…taking in the stunning countryside along the way.
Lunchtime stop was very relaxed and peaceful before we started on the afternoon journey.

More beautiful countryside, shady lanes and landmarks before reaching our destination for the evening.
A beautiful and secluded dell where Ned could wander (and the kids could wander with him!) complete with fire pit for obligatory toasting of marshmallows!
Dinner at the pub was lovely, would highly recommend.

A lovely lazy morning the next day, with time for a breakfast fire and some horse-hairstyling, before meeting with the fabulous Popsy, our groom for day two.
Full of knowledge about the area, it was a pleasure to wander all morning with her!

Lunchtime stop was again in a lovely pub, we didn’t actually sample the food, but facilities were good, and location was great.

After lunch break we started on our final leg of the journey with everyone in high spirits in-spite of impending thunderstorms!
Passing fabulous houses and gardens, everywhere full of gorgeous flowers, it really is the most beautiful setting!

Returning back to Polly’s we gave Ned a good wash and rub down which was fun, although bittersweet as it meant our magical few days were drawing to a close.

My daughter and I were both a bit tearful when leading Ned back to his field!

It really was the most fantastic way to spend a few days with the family!
Something none of us had ever done before…but will certainly be doing again!

Thank you again Polly, Jenny, Holly, Popsy and of course Ned! You gave us a fantastic experience none of us will ever forget! xXx


A Relaxing Birthday Weekend

My wife and I spent a fantastic weekend celebrating my birthday in a wonderful horse drawn gypsy caravan. This is the second time we have had the delight of this amazing experience and it won’t be the last.

Polly the owner is a friendly and welcoming person, as are her grooms – Popsie and Jennie

The stars of the show are the horses. Ned and King, both gypsy cobs. They are sweet natured, gentle and they love to be stroked and groomed.

Even if you have never been around horses, you will be instructed and guided on how to look after them and everything you will need to know for driving them on the road. During the trip you will definitely bond with your horse. The grooms accompany you every step of the way so your not on your own

The route will take you through the country lanes wish are full of stunning views of this beautiful part of Wiltshire. If you are lucky you might even see some stunning wildlife.

You stop on route at some delightful country pubs. That serve up amazing food, so you won’t go hungry. The landlord of The Seven Stars is very jolly and welcoming.

On your second night you stay in a quiet secluded spot. Where you have the chance to cook your own breakfast over an open fire next to a little river.

To sum it up this experience is completely unique and gives you the chance to take life at a slower pace. I recommend it to everyone


Simply the Best

I must admit, not being a horsey person, I was a bit unsure about this trip with my husband and daughter, but I really enjoyed everything about it, even the rain didn’t matter. Polly is a lovely, welcoming person who made the holiday flow so well. If you want something different, this is the one to do.

Manchester, United Kingdom