A Relaxing Birthday Weekend

My wife and I spent a fantastic weekend celebrating my birthday in a wonderful horse drawn gypsy caravan. This is the second time we have had the delight of this amazing experience and it won’t be the last.

Polly the owner is a friendly and welcoming person, as are her grooms – Popsie and Jennie

The stars of the show are the horses. Ned and King, both gypsy cobs. They are sweet natured, gentle and they love to be stroked and groomed.

Even if you have never been around horses, you will be instructed and guided on how to look after them and everything you will need to know for driving them on the road. During the trip you will definitely bond with your horse. The grooms accompany you every step of the way so your not on your own

The route will take you through the country lanes wish are full of stunning views of this beautiful part of Wiltshire. If you are lucky you might even see some stunning wildlife.

You stop on route at some delightful country pubs. That serve up amazing food, so you won’t go hungry. The landlord of The Seven Stars is very jolly and welcoming.

On your second night you stay in a quiet secluded spot. Where you have the chance to cook your own breakfast over an open fire next to a little river.

To sum it up this experience is completely unique and gives you the chance to take life at a slower pace. I recommend it to everyone